• Basin & Hydrocarbon Exploration Services

    We provide consultancy services for the upstream oil and gas E&P industry in basin analysis of frontier and mature basins from field geology to production of assets. We analyse industry datasets using integrated geological, geophysical (well logs, seismic, gravity and magnetics) and remote sensing techniques. We have experience in using Landsat ETM+, SRTM, ASTER, Radar and aerial imagery with a direct calibration with the field of the imagery, using GIS systems.
    Our Basin analysis and hydrocarbon resources assessment critically evaluates all basin scale geosciences data to analyse the regional tectonic regimes, structure, stratigraphy and sedimentation, Identification of petroleum plays, reservoir modelling and identification of petroleum systems to plan and execute hydrocarbon exploration and production projects, economic and risk analyses. We are able to identify new prospects and leads to quantify remaining oil and gas potential of producing basins, and to describe geologic controls on hydrocarbon resources.

  • We have expertise in identifying geologic minerals and ore bodies using integrated mapping and laboratory techniques. We can review existing mine prospects or design new mines, assess and implement mineral exploration programmes including in challenging geological environment while adhering to exploration budgetary constraints. Our geologists have expert knowledge of the mechanisms of ore body formation and ore distribution in various geological and tectonic settings using field mapping and analysis, remote sensing and geophysics, geochemistry, mineral system modelling, exploration project management, audits and valuations, health and safety programme implementation.

  • We offer effective consultancy services on a broad range of engineering geology expertise in geohazards including landslide hazards, volcanic hazards, contaminated land risk assessment and various ground conditions and their effects on projects. We also have expertise on all aspects of geotechnical and geological engineering from planning reports, site investigation and feasibility studies to the design and construction of projects.

  • We offer special short courses, geoscience data analysis and interpretations using software and organise training and capacity development for companies, government staff and students on an adhoc or continous basis to improve the skillsets of our clients on modern techniques in the geosciences indusry.
    We facilitate multi-disciplinary education and training for geologists and geophysicists across the complete exploration-production spectrum, engineering geology, geotechnics, hydrogeology and environment.
    We also offer consultancy services on developing the right industry and academia partnership model that could offer the right competence for clients. We can review existing or develop new academic curriculum of geosciences courses in universities and polytechnics.

  • We have expertıse in undertaking studies on the effects of climate change manifesting in abnormally high or low temperatures, drought,extreme rainfall, sea-level rises, coastal level changes etc. that are making significant impacts on our resources – water, energy and infrastructure. We can advise on climate policy and outline technıcal and scientific solutions in sustainable and clean energy measures to mitigate climate impacts. We can identify risks and vulnerabilities, identify new opportunities, embed climate resilience in projects decision-making, operations and planning in line with United Nation’s projections on climate change.

  • At GeoFrontier, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing the public and private sectors delivering innovative solutions for ground (borehole) water supplies and flood problems. We can provide consultancy services in groundwater prospecting, flood risk mapping, post-flood investigation, feasibility and design studies for rıver management and hydro geomorphology. We offer expertise in protecting water supplies as well as addressing existing infrastructure and operations, treatment of wastewater and drainage networks.
    We approach infrastructure projects consultancy by consıderıng general assessments; including catchment area, existing assets/service performance, socio-economic, environmental constraints and stakeholder management.
    We evaluate projects from initial concept, where desk studies and feasibility studies are considered, through to design, implementation and contamınated land rısk assessments, which might require particular remediation and management strategies. Environmental Design, Assessment of Environmental Effects, Environmental Compliance and Regulation Requirements, ecology and specıe dıversıty consıderatıons.
    We undertake Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirements for infrastructure development projects, forming part of planning consent.

  • Our Marine Geology expertise focuses on all areas affected by the oceans from the ocean floor to the shallower continental slopes and continental shelves that surround the continents, and coastal areas. Habitable coastal and offshore areas as sites for population settlements and tourism and other marine resources are vital to the economy. GeoFrontier Consultants have expertise in coastal changes, coastal hazards that impact coastal areas, ocean resources, and coastal and marine ecosystems. We can provide preliminary analysis of proposed coastal project concepts, through to sediments dynamics, marine geochemistry, port and coastal ınfrastructure design, construction management, flood and erosion protection, logistics management, dredging and reclamation projects.

  • GeoFrontier offers consultancy on research in the geosciences on specific problems affectıng clients projects in the field through fostering the right collaborative research conceptualization and delivery to offer innovatıve solutions to industrial problems.

  • Geofrontier Consultants are think-tanks on geopolicy for national and international development. We provide services that links policy makers and the geoscience community on critical geoscience policy issues and programmes to support well-informed public & international policy and decision making by providing information and facilitating dialogue between the geoscience community and government.
    We can develop sound geopolicy drafts for political parties, the Executive Federal and State governments and Senate or House legislative committees on Renewable Energy, Petroleum, Gas, Solid Minerals, Works and Housing, Water Resources, Environment and Climate, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development to find sustainable, science-based solutions to the challenges of our times.
    We can offer our scientific expertise and perspectives as governments craft national policies to build a strong and competitive legislations and policies for national development and international cooperation on related global issues including meeting the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.
    Areas of policy formulations include; enhancing the national strategic Earth Observational infrastructure, innovative technologies for recycling, underground gas storage, gas flaring and solutions to reduce potential environmental impacts of fossil fuel extraction and generation, nuclear waste and natural hazards on people, buildings, and infrastructure.